February 2012 Updates

Last July, the Republic of South Sudan gained independence from the north and became the world's newest nation. Eight months later, joyful celebrations of freedom continue, but problems are far from over. The two countries remain in conflict over land and oil, and thousands of South Sudanese continue to be forcibly displaced from areas along the northern border.

We are thankful that our educational center, students, and faculty are safe, and the region surrounding Marial Bai is one of the most peaceful in the country. Amid challenges and uncertainty, MBSS stands as a symbol of hope and a reminder that quality education is a foundation of peace and prosperity. 


The campus at MBSS is already buzzing with excitement for the new school year, set to begin this April, and the dedication of our students continues to inspire us and give us hope. We look forward to welcoming back our returning students and to introducing a new freshman class. Girls' enrollment continues to rise, and we expect to have nearly 100 young women attending MBSS this year! 

Marial Bai is geographically removed from regional conflict, but our work is not unaffected by the trouble in South Sudan which has resulted in dramatic inflation rates-- the cost of food, school supplies, equipment, and fuel for transporting materials continues to hugely impact our operating costs at the school.

Please help us prepare for the 2012 academic year. Make a donation today! 

The people of South Sudan are working hard to rebuild their homeland in the face of many extraordinary challenges. As we take part in these efforts, we would like to thank you for your hope and generosity, and for believing in the power of education to change lives.

Warm regards,

The VAD Foundation


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Classes for the 4th academic year at MBSS will begin this April-- look how far we've come! 

In 2008, this sign marked the "Future Site of the Marial Bai Secondary School." Four years later, this stretch of land is home to an 18-structure educational center that has become one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the entire country. Thank you for being a part of this movement.

Scout Troops at Marial Bai Secondary School! 

Extracurricular programs at MBSS help students develop leadership skills, giving them the support they need to become leaders of their communities and of their new country. In addition to quality academics, MBSS also offers students the opportunity to engage in community service, and to be involved with student government, social action groups, drama and debate clubs, scout troops, and more.

South Sudan joins the Confederation of African Football

With their application to the CAF accepted, the South Sudan Football Association is now the world's newest internationally-recognized team. In the photo to the left, students at MBSS play a friendly game of soccer after school. There could be a World Cup in their future!