April 2013 Updates


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Spring has begun, as have classes for the new academic year at the Marial Bai Secondary School.

And with this new beginning, we have great news that we are ecstatic to share with you:

Our students scored so highly on the senior class’s examinations that, of thirty-eight high schools in South Sudan, the Marial Bai Secondary School ranked third, nationwide!

Thanks to your support and shared faith in Valentino’s vision, our students were able to receive four years of quality education under the guidance of terrific teachers. Moreover, the efforts of our exceptional students have helped propel Northern Bahr al-Ghazal upward—the Marial Bai Secondary School's score marks the first time the region has attained national academic recognition.

We cannot thank you enough for helping the school to achieve third of thirty-eight secondary schools in all of South Sudan, moreover, for providing the resources and encouragement to create a high school where none previously existed.

As we start our fifth academic year, we are so excited for the new class of Form 1 students to join the Marial Bai campus, and to contribute to this thriving center of learning.

With your help, we were able to:

  • Construct permanent latrines for the female students, male students, and teachers in time for the new school year (with a generous grant from the Good Works Institute).
  • Pay for the salary of one and a half teachers this academic year (however, we’re still short of our goal—please contribute to our CrowdRise page to help us pay for our teachers' salaries).
  • Repair our Land Cruiser--the only means of transportation to and from the school--after a major accident.

But there is so much more to do, such as in establishing solar panels to power the school, a designated chemistry lab, and a security fence to surround the campus.

Please donate to the VAD Foundation today to invest in South Sudan’s tomorrow. With your assistance, we are educating the next generation of South Sudanese leaders.
Our sincere thanks,
The VAD Foundation

Yvonne Chen