December 2013 Updates

Thank you for your amazing dedication to progress in South Sudan by supporting Marial Bai Secondary School and the VAD Foundation in 2013. We ask you to join us in celebrating a few of the accomplishments your donations made possible. Find out more by reading this year's annual report. 


Hard working scholars graduated as the second form four class (12th grade) at MBSS, an astounding accomplishment in nation where only 5% of people graduate from high school. 

Marial Bai Secondary School was ranked 3rd nationwide while continuing to offer all housing and education services free for students, the exception to most school models in South Sudan. 

You helped launch a pilot farming program to reduce food insecurity in the Marial Bai community, fight the rising cost of imported foods, and build a sustainable nutrition program for current and future students

It isn't too late to make a difference in 2013. With each donation, you provide housing, food, teachers, books and more! MBSS has been a resource and place of hope for the community since 2009, before South Sudan's independence. With your support, the VAD Foundation will continue to serve and be a stable force for education. 


Thank you for all of your concern for the school and VAD Foundation community during this time of conflict in the region. Below is a map provided by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA South Sudan). Marial Bai is in the Northern Bahr el Ghazal state which has not been affected by the recent violence. Thank you for keeping the entire South Sudanese community in your thoughts. We truly appreciate your support as we work toward peace and advancement throughout the region.

Yvonne Chen