July 2014 Newsletter

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Underdevelopment and a history of conflict in the new nation of South Sudan have limited citizens' access to basic services and resources. The conflict in South Sudan has displaced over 1.5 million people since the outbreak of violence in December 2013. Communities are vulnerable to food shortages, disease, and violence. While fighting in the South Sudanese states of Jonglei and Upper Nile has continued, the Marial Bai community, located in the state of North Bahr al-Ghazal, has remained relatively peaceful. Marial Bai Secondary School students are on break for the rainy season, and teachers are preparing for the second semester at MBSS. The VAD Foundation and MBSS have expanded new extracurricular activities at the school, including the drama and musical theater programs, as a way to promote creativity and cultural understanding.

The VAD Foundation continues to invest in the Marial Bai community through vocational training, solar energy, and sustainable agriculture. Your contributions keep Marial Bai Secondary School food secure and promote peace and prosperity through educational programs. Fewer than two percent of children enroll in secondary school in South Sudan, and less than one percent of girls who enroll in secondary school actually graduate.  Most girls do not complete high school, or even enroll, because of early marriages, pregnancy, and duties at home.

Your donations make it possible for Marial Bai Secondary School to provide unprecedented access to education in the area, especially for girls. Dormitories, a full-time kitchen staff, and solar-powered electricity ensure MBSS students have a stable, worry-free environment in which learning is their main focus. MBSS continues to rank as one of the top high schools in all of South Sudan, and its students are South Sudan’s future leaders.

Despite the events since December 2013, South Sudan is a nation full of hope. The VAD Foundation and MBSS needs your help to continue the mission of providing free, exemplary education to the people of Marial Bai.

Many thanks, 

The VAD Foundation



Yvonne Chen