July 2015 Update

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On July 9th, South Sudan celebrated four years of independence. While conflict continues in the world’s youngest nation, the Valentino Achak Deng Foundation holds out hope that peace is on the horizon. We are optimistic that with celebration of four years of independence will come solidarity among South Sudanese, and encourage a settlement. The nation is young: there is much to learn about governance and peace, but development work continues, and hope abounds in South Sudan. The joy and relief of gaining independence in 2011 still exists today in 2015.  

In June, MBSS was visited by two time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nicholas Kristof. He last visited Valentino and the school when it had just opened in 2009. Read the story he shared with his readers on the struggles and acheivements of our students over the past six years. 
This growing season, the VAD Foundation has received the generous support of Welt Hunger Hilfe. Welt Hunger Hilfe donated seedlings to Marial Bai Secondary School’s farm. Mango, papaya, citrus, corn, casera beans, and pumpkin were planted at MBSS to provide students with healthy, sustainable food options. Growing food on site is a necessity, and the assistance from Welt Hunger Hilfe is vital to keeping Marial Bai Secondary School food secure.  

Your continued support of our students ensures that Marial Bai Secondary School remains a safe, educational space, where the next generation of South Sudanese can learn and be well. 

Thank you for your ongoing support!  

The VAD Foundation

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Yvonne Chen