September 2014 Updates

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The end of the rainy season is coming in Marial Bai. Students are busy in their classes during the week and working on community projects over the weekend. Boarding students are participating in after school and weekend clubs. The agriculture club tends to the campus farm, which supplements the meal program for all students and teachers at MBSS, along with farming organic grains, fruits, and vegetables students learn beekeeping and other animal husbandry skills. The science club heads the community service project that manufactures and distributes candles, school chalk, and body lotion to local elementary schools while mastering the scientific process. The sports teams are back in action now that some of the mud has dried on the soccer field and volleyball court. 

VAD Foundation co-founders, Dave Eggers and Valentino Deng, rallied amazing supporters of the VAD Foundation this past weekend in Los Angeles. Joachim Cooder and Juliette Commagere shared their beautiful musical talents with guests and Darcy Kent Vinyards partnered with VAD Foundation through donations. 


With more students at MBSS than ever before, the need for sponsors is growing. Due to the current conflict in South Sudan, many high school aged students are coming to MBSS looking for opportunities in a safer region of South Sudan. The dormitories are at capacity and the day schoolers from the local community are at an all time high. With over 20 teachers and even more support staff, your gifts make sure the students' most basic needs are met. Become part of our $21/monthly program to be a sustaining member of the VAD Foundation community! If you aren't in a position to give financially, spread the word about VAD Foundation work at Marial Bai Secondary School. Share this e-mail with a friend, follow VAD Foundation on Facebook and Twitter

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The VAD Foundation

Yvonne Chen