On April 7th the VAD foundation hosted its first Guest Bartending fundraiser at Cease and Desist. Money was raised through bar tips, 100% of which were donated to VAD programs to help the Marial Bai community in South Sudan. With its small yet cozy atmosphere, Cease and Desist is one of the many great bars located within the Mission District. The event offered a warm place to escape the rainy weather and enjoy a cocktail prepared by our skilled guest bartenders. On this day the bar was filled with a medley of local supporters, friends, and donors who have contributed to the foundation for years! Many enjoyed delicious food with friends as they relaxed and celebrated the start to the weekend. All in all this was a great night out for everyone.  The guests left the bar knowing more about our noble cause while still enjoying a Friday happy hour with their friends and loved ones. To top it off, thanks to our donors, supporters, and general crowd from the bar, we were able to raise over $1200! We are so thankful to everyone who attended and showed their support. You are what make our work possible. We hope to see you at our next event!

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