Our Students Still need Your Help

Thank you for your support!

The VAD Foundation has big plans for 2018 and we need your help.


In 2018, the VAD Foundation will expand our commitment to girls' education in an unprecedented way. With your help, we will open our second campus, the Alok Girls' Academy, which will be the first all-girls boarding school in the region. Valentino has been working tirelessly to overcome the challenges of harsh road conditions and inflation to get the campus ready for our students, staff, and teachers.We aim to open in June 2018 with a class of 80 girls.

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Diversity plays a significant role in our mission of creating peace through education. At MBSS, our students and graduates have expressed how meaningful it was to live and study with members of other tribes and residents of other countries. At the Alok Girls' Academy, we are recruiting students from all over South Sudan. Our highly trained teachers and staff are from South Sudan as well as the neighboring countries of Uganda and Kenya.


Our comprehensive curriculum creates real-world experiences for our students where they can bring their knowledge out of the classroom and into their communities. Chemistry class turns into business development and economic independence as our students learn how to make and then sell chalk, soap, and honey products. 


Teachers and staff will take part in hosting creative activities for the girls. Sports, art, dance, music, and extra tutoring are just a few examples of how the girls’ education will be enriched after classes and on some weekends.


We are working to create a safe and supportive environment where the girls can complete secondary school. Our teachers and staff are predominantly women and can support the girls as they navigate the challenges of school and their lives at home. We are working with MBSS alumni to help mentor the girls as well. Our intention is to create an active alumni network that can provide support to our students. 


Our students study by solar power and learn sustainable farming techniques to improve food security at the school and within their communities. The Alok Girls' Academy is located in a beautiful rural area where students can learn and then apply science-based and community-driven conservation techniques. 

Meet Valentino in April! 
April 9 - Dinner with Valentino at Frasca in Boulder, Colorado
April 9 - 13 - Speaking events with the World Affairs Council, Boulder
April 17 - 18 - Portland, Oregon - Speaking events at PSU and World Oregon with Mercy Corps
April 22 - Storytelling Event in Los Angeles with Valentino

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Yvonne Chen