Nicholas Kristof highlights the VAD Foundation in his short list of charity recommendations. Forget The Tie. Give A Gift That Matters.

Source: NY Times, Nicholas Kristof, "Forget the Tie. Give a Gift that Matters," December 1, 2016

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....Sure, you can buy your uncle a necktie that he won’t wear, or your niece an Amazon certificate that she’ll forget to use. Or you can help remove shrapnel from an injured child in Syria, or assist students at risk of genocide in South Sudan. The major aid organizations have special catalogs this time of year: You can buy an alpaca for a family for $150 at Heifer International, help educate a girl for $75 at Save the Children or help extend a much­admired microsavings program for $25 at Care. But this year my annual holiday gift list is special. I’ve tied some items to the election of Donald Trump, and I’ve looked for organizations that you may not have heard of....

...I’ve reported on crimes against humanity unfolding in South Sudan, one of the world’s poorest countries, and now the United Nations is warning of the risk of full­blown genocide. In this impossible situation, a South Sudanborn American named Valentino Deng is running a high school, one of few still functioning. It needs support so students can get an education and build their country. You may remember Valentino: He’s the “lost boy” at the center of Dave Eggers’s best­selling book “What Is the What.” What he has done since, in founding this school, is even more impressive. 

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Yvonne Chen