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Change a Life

100% of online donations go directly to fund programs.

There are still critical unmet funding needs in 2017: 

$57,000 is required to construct the Deepwater Well that will improve MBSS's ability to irrigate crops during the dry season and improve food security.

$280,000 is required to launch the South Sudan Employment Initiative

$1,000,000 is required to launch our university Scholarship Endowment to fund five students' tuition and board fees annually and fund one Leadership professor annually for the next 30 years. 


Girls' Education

The VAD Foundation is committed to scaling our efforts to create learning opportunities for girls, improve girls' learning outcomes and transform harmful gender norms in society. That is why we built the Stephane Yulita Girls' Dormitory in 2010, allowing up to 115 girls to study at MBSS, and are committed to targeting out-of-school adolescent girls (those left behind by the formal educational system) in our forthcoming project South Sudan Employment Initiative

  •  Less than 1% of South Sudanese girls are studying at a secondary level. 
  • A South Sudanese girl is seven times more likely to die
    in childbirth than graduate high school.
  • The World Bank has estimated that only seven girls for every ten boys attend primary education, while five girls for every ten boys are enrolled in secondary education. In 2013 only 500 girls were in the last grade of secondary school in the whole country.
  • Only 12% of teachers are female. Female teachers are essential to serve as a positive influence for girls to enroll and stay in school – such a low number plays a part in reinforcing gender disparities.
  • Literacy rates are remarkably lower for girls, 40% compared to 60% for boys.
  • With a maternal mortality rate of 1:32, a girl is seven times more likely to die in child birth than graduate secondary school. South Sudan has the highest maternal death rate in the world.
  • 91% of women in South Sudan are illiterate.
  • In South Sudan, a girl spends on average only 6 years enrolled in school.
  • 52% of girls are married before the age of 18.

The VAD Foundation in the News

Peace through Education

The VAD Foundation is a nonprofit organization working in South Sudan to create community-driven development projects. Established by Valentino Deng and Dave Eggers after the publication of What is the What, the Foundation's first major project is the construction and operation of an 18-structure educational complex in Valentino's hometown of Marial Bai, South Sudan.

Marial Bai Secondary School (MBSS) has increased access to excellent secondary education, trained teachers, created equal opportunities for girls, and promoted literacy for children and adults in the region. MBSS is the highest ranking South Sudanese secondary school that is free for students to attend, a true leader in the movement to educate the new nation of South Sudan. 

Buy the Book

Buy the Book

What Is The What

What Is the What is the soulful account of Valentino Achak Deng's life: from the time he was separated from his family in Marial Bai to the thirteen years he spent in Ethiopian and Kenyan refugee camps, to his encounters as a resettled refugee in Atlanta. It was a NY Times bestseller and is translated into multiple languages. Proceeds from the book help support the Marial Bai Secondary School.  



10 Years: A Look Back at the VAD Foundation's History